Valo Digital Workplace Solution

Valo is an award-winning Digital Workplace solution on Office 365 and SharePoint.


Invite Partners to your extranet

Valo Extranet

Bring partner collaboration to a new level and decrease manual work load. Keep your network up to date, supplying all relevant information from a single source. Use the powerful features of Valo Intranet to provide a unique experience to vendors, resellers and partners.


Valo Connect

You "live" inside Microsoft Teams...what about your intranet? Bring your favorite intranet pages and news into Microsoft Teams for a holistic employee experience.


Valo Ideas

Make Microsoft Teams your company's innovation hub. Create campaigns and let your employees express their ideas and see them  co-shaping a better workplace.


Valo Teamwork

A sophisticated but easy to use governance tool for your teams. Control team creation with a strict approval process, add useful metadata and maintain a clear picture of all your collaboration tools from a single dashboard. Access through Microsoft Teams or from Sharepoint.


Valo Intranet

A user friendly intranet with a modern customizable design. Create an attractive information hub for your staff and empower them with a tool accessible for everybody, even for front line workers. Keep everybody focused and connected with  audience targeting. Provide a unique point of entry and engage users with an easy content creation.

Valo Certified Partner

As a Valo Certified Partner we are here to address all your needs in the Digital Workplace world. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible employee experience to our partners.