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The art of connecting ideas

Commited to provide solutions that boost Connectivity and open the way for game changing Automations , we utilize Artificial Intelligence where needed

The Greek word artios (=complete , perfect ) lies deep in the heart of Conartia and is the promise that we will never fail to keep. Our 30 years experience in B2B IT projects is the torch lighting our path together with you because we are one of you !

Talk to us like talking to a colleague

Please feel free to express any kind of problem that is bothering you and is decelerating your company's Digital Transformation

We will help you avoid the "Digital Lipstick Syndrome"

Digital Transformation is a cross company process and needs a strong plan ! We will offer solutions that fit with your plan and seriously up your game ! Digital just for the sake of digital is a waste of time and money

Catch up with your customers !

Customer conversations are now happening primarily in digital spaces . We help you understand how this works. Expanding in a new country requires capabilities of communicating in the native language . Well , digital is the new language and it's time to get fluent

"Nothing is More Powerful than an Idea Whose Time has Come"

Victor Hugo

Image by drmakete lab
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