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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that provides users with the basic productivity applications necessary to get work done in the modern enterprise. Productivity applications include, but are not limited to, a word processor, a spreadsheet, an email client, a calendar, and a presentation application. In fact, because of Microsoft 365's cloud-based structure, the suite of productivity applications is constantly being updated and improved.

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Collaboration and communication are the key components of productivity in the modern enterprise, and productivity is the lifeblood of the enterprise. Microsoft 365 provides the tools necessary to bring collaboration and communication-and by extension, productivity-to each individual in an enterprise.

For many companies, Microsoft 365 is the de facto standard for productivity software. The performance of all competing products is generally measured against applications from the Office 365 suite.

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M365 apps explained

Microsoft 365: Research


Microsoft Word allows you to create professional-quality documents, reports, letters, and résumés. Unlike a plain text  editor, Microsoft Word has features including spell check , grammar check , text and font formatting, HTML support, image support, advanced page layout  and more.


Microsoft Excel is a software program produced by Microsoft that allows users to organize, format and calculate data with formulas using a spreadsheet system


Sometimes abbreviated as PP or PPT, PowerPoint is a Microsoft presentation programm that creates a slide show of important information, charts, and images to display during a presentation. It is most often used for business and school presentations


Microsoft Outlook is an application that is used mainly to send and receive emails. It can also be used to manage various types of personal data including calendar appointments and similar entries, tasks, contacts, and notes


OneNote is a digital notebook that enables you to share, create, read, or edit notes from any browser or any device even when you are offline. OneNote can be organized into sections and pages but don’t worry if you forget where you put that note because it is all searchable


OneDrive is your personal storage in the cloud. It can and will replace your personal drive on your company network. It is seamlessly integrated with Office and using the sync feature allows you to work offline. OneDrive is your space and using the share feature will allow you to have complete control over who you share and collaborate with both inside and outside your company.


While OneDrive is your personal storage, SharePoint is the company’s internal storage platform. It’s a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device. SharePoint can also be used as a traditional file share but offers many more features like permissions, version control, and co-authoring which are not available in the traditional storage. SharePoint can also provide a place to automate business processes plus be customized as your company’s Intranet


Microsoft Office Delve is a data visualization and discovery tool that incorporates elements of social networking and search machine  with the search capability of the Microsoft 365 suite


Microsoft Teams can be either strictly internal or setup to allow external users to allow the “Team” to communicate using “chat based” features that rival a similar application called Slack. Channels help to organize the “Team’s” conversations, files, and other collaboration. You can join multiple Teams across your company and enjoy chatting, co-authoring and collaborating on files, and even schedule and join meetings with or without Video features.


Forms allows users to create quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, registrations and more. You can invite others to complete forms via a link and Forms are embeddable in your website. You can view results in real-time and data can be easily exported to Excel. Teachers can create quizzes, including defining the right answers so students get real-time feedback


Planner is a quick, light project management type of tool. It helps teams organize their work, with the ability to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, set due dates and update the status. It can replace or integrate with Trello. Planner’s visual dashboards and email notifications help keep managers informed on the overall progress your team is making, or not making, with their assigned work.

Power Automate

Microsoft created Power Automate as a user-based productivity tool. Users and developers alike can automate daily tasks or combine multiple Office 365 apps into a seamless user experience


Sway is a digital canvas or presentation app that allows you to create and share interactive reports, presentations, newsletters, and more – both inside and outside of your organization. It enables you to easily embed pictures and even videos and post on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Power Apps

Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your business needs


Stream hosts video content and operates as if it is your own internal YouTube. Like Teams, it enables you to create groups (people) and channels (topics).


Power BI is a business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. It is the easiest way to graph and visualize data. It enables you to monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device


Yammer is a private social network that serves as a collaboration tool that helps you connect and engage across your company. You can start conversations, share knowledge, and build communities

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