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The first , and so far, only sports performance monitoring and analysis solution on the market that covers the complete range of performance data in team sports


Sports on a new level

Conartia's exclusive partnership with KINEXON Sports and Media Gmbh Germany for Greece and Cyprus gives teams the chance to level up their game utilizing the most advanced real time performance tracking and game analysis solution

One Solution, Tailored to Sport-Specific Needs

With KINEXON, users receive data from athletes, match balls and entire teams in real time, centimeter-precise and processed with artificial intelligence to valuable metrics and insights. Clubs, leagues, sponsors, media and fans get immediate access to previously inaccessible information


An NBA standard now available to Greek and Cypriot Basketball teams

More than 75 % of All NBA Teams rely on Kinexon's  leading technology, when it comes to Performance Tracking and Tactical Analytics. A unique offering covers both home and away matches and trainings, ensuring data consistency and in depth physical and tactical analysis.


Intelligent tactical and performance-based analytics for real-time usage in football! Three unique packages offered giving clubs full control of the match and practice data. Exclusively by KINEXON official ball games are offered with integrated tracking sensors!

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Image by Nicholas Green

Fan Engagement with KINEXON ENGAGE

With KINEXON's  ENGAGE clubs get the opportunity to interact in a successful and innovative way with their fans. The ENGAGE solution consists of selected components and services. In the end the fans get truly unique game experiences  and clubs can monetize live data in many ways including future-oriented merchandising like NFT's or the metaverse.

Media EXPERIENCE, exciting data for your channels

We measure and analyze all movements of the athletes and recognize game patterns and tactical behaviors automatically in real-time. The tracked data can be displayed on social media channels to bring users closer to the game than ever before. In selected sports, we also track the ball to further enhance the understanding of game situations

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The role of wearable technology in Basketball performance

Kinexon Perform Football

Kinexon Perform Football

Kinexon Perform Basketball

Kinexon Perform Basketball