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Software Tools for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams


DeliverPoint simplifies the task of creating and managing SharePoint permissions reports with amazing ease. It is designed for Site Owners, Site Collection Administrators, and SharePoint Administrators, and it provides accurate permission reports for each user across various entities such as Site Collections, Teams Channels, Hub Sites, SharePoint Sites, OneDrive, Lists, Folders, and Items. This tool allows easy modification, transfer, copying, or deletion of permissions, ensuring smooth adjustment during staff changes. By offering an easy solution for auditing SharePoint permissions, DeliverPoint greatly reduces the time and effort needed for managing permissions, improving operational efficiency.

Social Squared

Social Squared is a SharePoint discussion board application that allows users to ask questions in appropriate forums and get responses from experts. The discussions keep providing solutions to frequent questions that other employees might need. The organization of Social Squared forums helps users find answers easily by using logical forum structures, tags, and integrated search. Features like Mark as Answer give business users trust when reading posts.


Lightning Conductor

The Lightning Conductor is a powerful and easy-to-use content aggregation tool for Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. It has an intuitive interface that lets users easily create modern and complex content reports from different sources such as SharePoint lists, SharePoint Search, Microsoft Graph, External Graph Connectors, and Microsoft 365 Groups. This flexible tool can aggregate content from various places like lists, libraries, and applications such as Planner, To Do, OneDrive, Teams, Salesforce, JIRA and more.

Data Viewer

The Data Viewer allows you to visualize data in the form of reports or charts that you can create and customize according to your business requirements. Many organizations have isolated data that can reveal valuable information about their performance and areas for improvement. These data sources can include Microsoft Excel workbooks, Microsoft SQL Azure databases, On-Premises data sources that can be accessed through OData or Business Connectivity Services and SharePoint Lists. You can quickly and easily connect to these data sources and generate powerful reports that you can display in SharePoint or Teams.


Business Connectivity Suite
Meta Man

BCS Meta Man is a windows application that simplifies creating Business Connectivity Services External Content Types. You don't have to write any code or XML, just connect BCS Meta Man to your data source, and drag and drop the Tables, Views, Stored Procedures that you want to use


Microsoft Teams is a frequent tool for many people to work together on files, chat with team members, and participate in meetings. However, with the growing popularity of Microsoft Teams, and the increasing number of teams and channels being created, it can be hard to keep track of files, events, and conversations that you belong to. MyTeams gives you a consolidated view of Files, @Mentions, and Channel Calendar events, so that you can see the information from the Teams that matter most to you in one place.


Lightning Forms Suite

Lightning Forms is an easy-to-use tool for designing SharePoint list forms, letting you improve the logic, layout, and appearance of your modern, adaptive SharePoint Forms. Lightning Forms gives you access to many powerful features such as cascading lookups, customized buttons with actions, smooth integration of repeating lists, tab controls, extensive styling options, and conditional control formatting. Moreover, the tool offers simple calculations and expressions. These features enable you to create business forms in SharePoint effortlessly, offering a great alternative to InfoPath Forms.

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