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Communication is the key to success!

Meet Staffbase, the leading Employee Communications Platform

Connecting and engaging employees is crucial for evey company. People need clarity in all aspects of internal communications. Delevering the right message across all channels is a big challenge for internal communications managers. 
Staffbase solutions give employees greater access to the corporate information that's relevant to them, along with tools for the modern digital workplace, including existing intranets.

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AI Companion

Staffbase Companion© helps end users and admins save time with relevant use cases that matter.

AI has the potential to be a real game-changer for internal comms pros. It can help in several ways to tackle some of the greatest internal communications challenges, including low employee engagement and information overload.

Front-Door Intranet

  • A branded intranet 

  • A tailored experience for all employees with targeted news and content based on employees’ locations, roles, or devices

  • Large amounts of information and content can be organized as static pages

  • Employee feedback through quick pulse surveys or in-depth surveys

  • Connect the apps and tools your workforce relies on, including M365

Employee Email

  • Create on-brand emails without design experience

  • Share customized templates across teams and collaborate on newsletter content in real-time 

  • Send targeted emails to different employee audiences (location, department, etc.)

  • Email analytics to see exactly how employees engage with content

Employee App

  • A branded app employees can recognize and trust and download from public app stores 

  • Utilize push notifications to inform employees of news

  • On-demand and auto-translations in 100+ languages for news, pages, and comments

  • Personalized news feed based on the channels users are enrolled in or groups they opt-into

  • Search, find, and filter for people in the employee directory

Staffbase Studio

  • Centralize content planning across all channels with the editorial calendar

  • Set and track strategic goals for your content with campaigns

  • Create and publish news and dynamic pages

  • Automated communication and personalized employee journeys

  • Advanced analytics and multi-channel post statistics

  • User and platform management 


Communications Control

  • Allign all your communication tools

  • Centralized Planning

  • Real Time Collaboration

  • Multichannel Management

  • Social Media Inbox Management

Employee Comms for Microsoft 365

  • The fastest time to value on a customized, branded SharePoint intranet

  • Create, manage, and measure comms for SharePoint and Teams in a simpler workflow

  • Create news in the Staffbase Studio and send news to SharePoint and Teams

Staffbase: Publications
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