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Targeted Tracing of Infection Chains

Highly-precise identification of critical encounters-compliant with data protection

No measure can provide 100% protection against infection. That is why our solution allows businesses to digitally trace chains of infection immediately after learning about an infection. This ensures the minimum amount of spread and allows for employees to stay healthy and companies to remain operational.


Storage of Critical Contact Events and Software Analysis


Contact Tracing

Information about contact proximity and duration
Evaluation of contact intensity
Individual configuration
Simple and fast operation
Data protected

Decisive Criteria of Contact Tracing


Contact Duration

15 minutes — this is the minimum contact duration for an increased risk of infection. By recording the contact duration to the second, KINEXON SafeZone reliably identifies critical contact events.


Safety Distance

Keep your distance. This is the most critical guideline being communicated by health officials. KINEXON SafeZone ensures the most precise centimeter-accurate measurements of distance thanks to ultra-wideband (UWB) technology.


Face to Face

Whether back-to-back or face-to-face — this has a significant influence on the risk of infection. KINEXON SafeZone therefore only detects contacts between sensors that are facing each other and therefore actually pose a risk.

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