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It's time to learn the perfect jump shot!

Increase your FG% by an average of 10%!

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QShot Basketball Shot Improvement System

Recent research shows that top shooters can watch the basket in just a fraction of a second to hit the mark. 350 milliseconds just before releasing the ball to be precise. So, in one-third of a second, top players can watch the rim, estimate the distance and take their shot. While these studies proof that only a few hundred milliseconds are needed to make a good shot, everyone is training their jump shot while looking at the rim the whole time!

QShot System's mission

The mission of QShot is to give athletes and coaches the opportunity to improve their performance, motivations and skills in order to build more confidence to perform optimally.

Image by Chris Moore

The QShot System

With the QShot practice glasses for basketball shooting every player can practice and improve their shooting performance in a unique way.

With the support of the QShot glasses players can improve their shot with an average of ten percent.


Q-Shot Glasses

  • The Practice Glasses for excellent shooting

  • The excellent jump shot is a difficult skill that is hard to master. Even top players field-goal percentages have room for improvement.

  • Using these Practice Glasses for basketball shooting every player can practice and improve their shooting performance in a unique way.

  • Scientifficaly proven studies have shown average improvement of 10%!

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The Glasses explained

The system allows the glasses to turn from an obstructed view to transparent view during the final moments (300-500 milliseconds) of shooting while maintaining luminescence and reducing visual confusion.

Easy set up and usability make the system is appropriate for all shot techniques and skill levels and offer athletes and coaches two modes to improve their field goal percentage: jump sensor mode and coaching training mode.

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Sensor mode

Jump sensor mode

The player can close the glasses himself using the control button on the glasses while, holding the basketball. The player makes one or two steps and lands to pull-up for the shot.


Sensor mode 2

Coach training mode

The coach uses a remote control to close and open the glasses. This allows super flexible control over the glasses. Whether to let a new player get used to the glasses or to push an experienced player to his limits: it’s all possible.  You can choose hand- or foot pedal remote control.


Jump sensor bars

During the landing the feet are detected by the jump sensor positioned on the floor. The sensor triggers the glasses to re-open again so that the player has clear view of the rim during the final moments of the shot.

Adjustable delay

With the adjustable delay, the opening of the glasses can be fine-tuned to the precise shooting technique of the player. In this mode players can train by themselves without assistance of another person


How does it work?

The wireless or manually controlled glasses are controlled by a small control unit in the leg. The ‘vision time’ on the control unit is infinitely adjustable between 0,1 and 1 second. Two infrared units on the floor are wireless connected with the glasses. The jump time is controlled by these infrared control units. Jump time can be adjusted from 0,1 till 1 second and allows the player to improve the time from jump to shot.  See also the video: “How does it work”.


The QShot video

Watch the video and see how you can improve your shooting!

During the 8-week training sessions with the QShot glasses a significant shot improvement could be observed between 57% and 63%.

The shot percentage during real games increased from 35% to an average of 49%.  

After the training with the goggles, players looked at the rim 20 milliseconds longer than before the training.

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