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Proximity marketing refers to communicating with customers at the right place, the right time and with highly relevant and personalised messages, on their smartphones - be it greeting at the entry points, special offers in the store aisles, or getting feedback on a new product.


Funnel new customers into your business premises using proximity marketing

Delight customers with loyalty rewards for successive visits

Image by Rebecca Aldama
Image by Thúy Lâm

Leverage in-store traffic to drive app download - with proximity marketing


Retarget leads generated by proximity marketing - online

Send proximity-based offers to engage with consumers at the right time

Online Shopping

Enhance the checkout experience with proximity technologies

Mobile Phone

Allow customers to interact with products they bought and re-order

Grow faster with customer feedback

Customer Service Rep
Image by NeONBRAND

Measure and fine-tune proximity campaigns based on analytics

Interested to offer Proximity Campaigns to your customers?

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