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The definition of distancing


Keep the right distance and stay safe

Complying with physical distancing regulations is top priority when it comes to avoiding COVID-19. With KINEXON SafeZone, employees wear a small lightweight wearable sensor, which in real-time warns the user if they are too close to someone else. Also known as a proximity recording or warning device, the wearable emits an alarm if the contact becomes ​“critical.”

  • Visual and audible warning signals

  • Configurable warning profiles

  • Centimeter-accurate distance detection

  • Does not track absolute location or movement

  • Highest data protection standards

  • No infrastructure required

Kinexon SafeTag: The smart wearable to ensure the necessary distance

Our wearable reliably and precisely measures (<10 cm) the distances between users at a rate of once per second. The KINEXON SafeTag can be comfortably worn in various ways including as a wristband or in an ID holder


Own Group

In every company there are working groups in which a close exchange is essential. With KINEXON SafeZone you can set up individual alarm profiles for them (e.g. increase the contact duration or deactivate the alarm.)

Other Group

If two people from different working groups meet, the generally applicable and previously defined distance settings apply. You can define these individually with KINEXON SafeZone



Manage different zones within your company. Whether you prefer a permanent alarm or rest zones, KINEXON SafeZone can be programmed accordingly. For example, you may want to deactivate the alarm in areas where there is sufficient protection, such as plexiglass

Distance and Time

Define individually at what interval the alarm should be triggered and when


Customize Features

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