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Ensure GDPR and ISO Compliance through the M365 suite integration

How M365 tools can help your business achieve GDPR compliance

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Effective data security management

A high proportion of businesses are reliant on multiple systems and spreadsheets to manage their contacts’ personal data. The greater the number of systems in place, the harder it will be to manage an information audit. The use of multiple systems also increases the risk of data breaches


Managing consent and “The Right to be Forgotten”

One of the most significant aspect of the new regulations is the issue of consent, and the implications this has as far as marketing is concerned. Businesses will now be required to obtain explicit consent to contact individuals for sales and marketing purposes. Companies must also delete information about a contact as and when requested

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Safeguarding data in a secure environment

Businesses need to make sure their hardware is fit for purpose and properly supported either by its own in-house IT personnel or third party support providers.
The alternative – which may be more practical and affordable for many smaller businesses – is to migrate to the cloud to ensure that software systems and data are maintained in dedicated data centre which has been professionally accredited and certified. 

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GDPR as a business opportunity

Although achieving GDPR compliance may seem onerous, it is actually an opportunity for businesses to rethink the way in which they interact with prospects and customers. In many cases, better data governance will also help businesses improve their understanding of their prospects and customers. In this respect, GDPR should be seen as a business opportunity for improving data driven marketing

Do you also see Compliance as a Business Opportunity?

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