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Digital Coaching and Adoption

People need to be prepared for the changes that digitization brings and be given the opportunity to learn and adapt to them. It is essential to motivate and encourage continuous learning in order to take full advantage of the potential and efficiency benefits of digital transformation.

In today's digital age, the Microsoft 365 suite has become an essential tool for organizations and individuals worldwide. It offers a range of powerful tools, which can significantly boost productivity and collaboration. However, despite its benefits, achieving full adoption of the Microsoft 365 suite can be challenging. One of the ways to increase adoption is through personalized learning.

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CAI Adoption Analytics

A clever PowerBI Dashboard delivers insights constantly measuring the adoption score of the organization, analysing behavioral patterns, identifying training needs, and monitoring the success of Learning and Training activities.


CAI Adoption Bot

Automate coaching with the help of coach CAI! Delivering predicted micro-learning nuggets and utilizing gamification, employees are motivated by personalised training content relevant to their skill level. From Beginners to Advanced, employees learn and repeat at their own pace. Microsoft 365 onboarding runs smoothly through a guided path.

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